Heidi Little, M. ED, Founder/President

Heidi Little, M. ED: is a 25 year Social Emotional Learning Educator. The Director of the Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning www.seladvancement.org and the Co-founder/Director of International Children’s Month, the Children’s Global Wave of Love, and the Director/curriculum designer of the 365 day a year free, thematic, empowerment SEL activity platform whose mission is Children Across the Planet in Love, Care and Respect (founded in 2013) www.internationalchildren.world

Heidi is also the theme coordinator/platform designer for Children and Youth with WE, The World www.we.net (2017). Little is a founding member of World Kindness USA, a Canadian citizen, who resides in Texas, USA. Known as a “pioneer and go to” in International SEL, and her work in the not for profit sectors as a humanitarian, philanthropist, artist, and advocate for children/youth , and the present and future generations is unparalleled. Little has created and utilized tools and techniques that have shaped, revolutionized and given name to Social Emotional Learning and mindfulness industries. The purpose is to discover, cultivate and maintain a strong and deep connection with self, then bridge that self in resilience and self love, care and respect of and with family, community and the world. In
these challenging pandemic and transformative times, SEL shines brightly as the way forward in whole person education.

Heidi Little, M.ED is published through her new series of books and manuals for Social Emotional Learning titled “Child of the Heart”, How Do We Teach Self Love in Education? And now the 18 manuals for Certification of Educators with The Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning find them all here :
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Imagine a world where positive relationships and empathy for others and the planet were the norm. Not only is it possible, it’s happening now. Educators, parents, and community leaders around the world are coming together to shape a future and a world that works for all. 

It’s now easier than ever to get the structure and support you need to incorporate social emotional learning into the classroom and the community. At The Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning, we have designed a curriculum that all educators and community leaders can integrate into their personal and professional lives. 

The curriculum teaches key concepts for self-love, care, and respect for all beings. It will empower you to transform and uplift yourself, your family, the community, and the world. With this advanced teaching in social emotional learning, you’ll have the tools and techniques to comprehend, understand, and embody the transformation our planet needs. 

The Center For Advancement in Social Emotional Learning Public School Teacher Training Initiative

Our Mission:
To educate teachers, International educators and mentors, in heart based, SEL education. To support restoration, healing, well being, and resilience, while providing educators with tools, techniques, and personally designed plans to support healthy lives, classrooms, in balance with staff and student relations. To offer tools and techniques in Social Emotional Learning that support embodiment through specialized teacher in service training online and in person, at community, district, federal and international levels.

Our Motto: “International Educators Implementing Social Emotional Learning, while raising the bar for love, care and respect of self and all the children/youth on earth.”

What We Do:
The Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning (SEL) provides certification and training to educators in North America and Internationally both online and in person, as well as, workshops, lectures, and presentations. We offer 8 week specialized intensive zoom training with personal work in between each, and certification to fully embody the practices and principles of our SEL tools and techniques we have developed through our SEL curriculum and implementation experience, completed with an online video and written assessment for each module.

We also offer half day, full day, and week long in person and online workshops. We have 25 years of Social Emotional Learning curriculum and implementation experience, in North America and Internationally, online and in person with private, public, alternative and progressive education settings experience among us. We are in active train the trainer operations now addressing and transforming the root causes of the crisis at hand: suicide prevention, gun violence, opioid epidemic, teen pregnancy, depression and mental health. By teaching tools and techniques to deeply connect to self, nurture that connection, build resilience, heal past trauma, and embody practices, tools and techniques for wholeness, of self, fostering healthy connection that extends out to family, community and our planet.


The Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning: Trains the trainers in each state, province and country to provide educators and students with Social Emotional Learning, tools and techniques. And to create educational job opportunities while expanding the implementation of social emotional learning to all as quickly as possible.

The Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning: Licenses Social Emotional Learning modules at state and government levels, in North America and abroad, thusly addressing the crisis at hand by arming educators with resources to navigate these transformative times and promote health, wellness and balance for all students and educators.

The Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning: offers online modules that can be purchased and done at the educators pace. Or to use as supplemental materials in the classroom/community. The option to become certified still exists with this method by completing our assessments (video and written) at the end of each module.

The Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning: Presently has scheduled 3 online certification: 8 week training sessions in 2021 for International Educators, to become certified.
UPCOMING SESSIONS 2021: Online and in person Certification
Session #1: March 6th-April 24th, 2021.
Session #2: May 8th-June 26th, 2021 and
Session #3: August 7th-Sept 25th, 2021.
(Dates may shift by a week either way depending on enrollment)

The Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning: Was built on the work of International Children’s Month, June. In its ninth year of activity, fueling it’s mission for “Children across the planet in love, care and respect.” Featuring thematic activities, events, people, places and techniques

International Educators, Grandparents, Love, Care and Respect mentors and families. Featuring: International Children’s Month, whose mission is “Children across the planet in love, care and respect. Nine socially nine free, Social Emotional Learning, thematic, empowerment, activity platforms for all at www.internationalchildrensmonth.com

Additional Workshops:
1: Mandatory Restorative Circle Practices for Staff and Student Body. Creating Safe and Brave Spaces.

2. Heart based practices, tools and techniques. Heart Based Education for Staff and Students. Health and wellness through Social Emotional Learning and Mindfulness.

3. Certified SEL educators from the Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning can be hired to speak, present, and implement workshops and talks on our curriculum, philosophy and future trajectory. http://seladvancement.org/product/advanced-sel-train-the-trainer-certification-course

Next Certification Series Begins March 6th, 2021 in person in Bastrop, Texas USA
Intensive 8 week session
3 hours of class time per week via Zoom video conference and in person
24/7 mentoring and support
Learn new tools and techniques to embody and optimize, to then teach in classes and community: self love, care, respect, inspiration and transformation, to empower the individual and uplift self, family, community and the world.
After registration, you will receive an email with information for logging into the secure, private online course platform where you’ll find everything you’ll need to complete the course and join the training. Training is live.
Certification For:
Week 1: Self-Love in Education Certification One
Week 2: Be the Medicine Certification Two
Week 3: Identity Certification Three
Week 4: Self in Relation to Community Certification Four
Week 5: Self in Relationship with the World and Universe Certification Five
Week 6: The Classroom as a Social System Certification Six
Week 7: Creating Safe and Brave Spaces Certification Seven
Week 8: Chart and Launch Your SEL Journey Certification of Completion SEL Advancements Class of 2021
Registration/Tuition/Certification Cost: $2,400.00 and 40% off for the 2021
New Session = $1,440.00
Installments And Payment Plans Welcomed.
Email centerforadvancementsel@gmail.com or paypal centerforadvancementsel@gmail.com
Registration: Please submit letter of intent, licensing fee, and brief biography to centerforadvancementsel@gmail.com via email and paypal

All Rights Reserved 2021 The Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning

“These techniques saved my life. I was depressed and lost. I am now in full time university with a strong sense of who I am and what I feel called to contribute to the world. Thank you Heidi!
Aisha, Canada

“Follow the three R’s: – Respect for self. – Respect for others. – Responsibility for all your actions.”
Dalai Lama

“The SEL Certification course from The Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning, opened up my perspective, my goals, and my life! Heidi Little is the educator to learn SEL from, she literally help create the whole thing! I highly recommend this course!”
— Sharon Rea -No Judgement Just Love/Arizona

“I had a life altering experience, and I didn’t think anything could heal my depression and anxiety. Working on my self connection with Heidi, completely changed my life. I have found my self again. And I look forward to my journey.”
Heather, New Mexico

REGISTER TODAY www.SELAdvancement.org
Questions: www.centerforadvancementsel@gmail.com

“We look forward to working, and growing with you.”
Heidi Little, M. ED, Founder/President
The Center For Advancement in Social Emotional Learning
All Rights Reserved, 2021

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