Imagine a world where positive relationships and empathy for others and the planet were the norm. Not only is it possible, it’s happening now. Educators, parents, and community leaders around the world are coming together to shape a future and a world that works for all. 

It’s now easier than ever to get the structure and support you need to incorporate social emotional learning into the classroom and the community. At The Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning, we have designed a curriculum that all educators and community leaders can integrate into their personal and professional lives. 

The curriculum teaches key concepts for self-love, care, and respect for all beings. It will empower you to transform and uplift yourself, your family, the community, and the world. With this advanced teaching in social emotional learning, you’ll have the tools and techniques to comprehend, understand, and embody the transformation our planet needs. 

Upon completing certification, you’ll be provided with ongoing support and mentoring to structure and facilitate advanced SEL classes in your community with 25 year SEL educator and founder of The Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning, Heidi Little-Neuhaus.

Source gave Heidi M Little Neuhaus the framework for a new system in education.

It includes this website that develops teachers/trainers and mentors in the advancements of Social Emotional Learning. The site has levels of workshops and certifications for teachers to teach the new curriculum and supports featured teachers in  sharing their own.