We, The World

Here’s a song “WE” wrote. In the spirit of collaboration that is the Spirit light of “We, the World” , we got together for a couple of Jam Sessions via the World Wide Web and this is what came together. It’s a celebration of our inherent unity. Sing along with us.

We, the people of planet Earth,
In recognition of the interconnectedness of all life
And the importance of the balance of nature,
Hereby acknowledge our interdependence
And affirm our dedication
To life-serving environmental stewardship,
The fulfillment of universal human needs worldwide,
Economic and social well-being,
And a culture of peace and nonviolence,
To insure a sustainable and harmonious world
For present and future generations.

Written by
Jane Pahr
Rick Ulfik
Heidi Little
Andrew Kaen
Ray Price
Carol Toebe
Jana Larsen
Robert Levine
Dave Yablecki

We, The World ©2018 All Rights Reserved

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