Heidi Little

Founder and Director of The Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning

Official Artist Website

Owner of One Clothing Unify

Outreach & Coordination We, The World and The WE Campaign

Co founder, Director, Outreach Coordinator, Team Facilitator International Children’s Month

Angel Fullerton

Managing Partner The Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning

Owner Green Woman Store

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Consulting & Development Intuitive Entrepreneurs Collective

Michelle Reid

My life has been for the children especially those at risk and with no voice~I have been blessed with 8 wonderful children and 8 beautiful grandchildren~

My journey in life has included being a Birthright Counselor helping pregnant teens~working with teen moms~running a teen shelter and creating a home for them~founding parent of a Waldorf School on Cape Cod~teaching 3 Sister Gardening and healing herbs to children~

I have helped families on Native Reservations and Native inmates and their families~writing a newsletter for their children Hanta Yo for 10 years~

My journey went into Kenya and Pakistan helping children with uniforms~shoes~dresses~all done without leaving the country~I do this so the children will know they are cared for~i would like Peace and Love for every child in this world~
Many Blessings